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10 members of PDF-Kalay medical team captured by the Myanmar junta forces

Ten members of People’s Defense Force-Kalay (PDF-Kalay) from Battalion-3, were captured by the Myanmar junta force after an intense firing of heavy artillery against base camp located in the southwest of Kalay town, at around 8:30 am on 16 November (Myanmar Time).

“Ten members of PDF-Kalay, including eight females and two males from medical team, were captured by the terrorist military council forces at our based camp,” said the statement released by PDF-Kalay.

Fighting broke out between a coalition force, including PDF-Kalay, CNDF, CDF (KKG), and a local defense organization, and the junta forces patrolling around Myohla, Myo Kyi Gone, and Shardaw in Kalay township from the afternoon until 6:30 pm on 16 November, according to the statement.

The statement also reported that PDF-Kalay launched a landmine attack on the military’s convoy near Kalay and carried another attack on the Tahan police station using heavy weapons. No casualty from PDF-Kalay, and unable to verify casualties on junta forces.

There has been speculation that two males, among those captured yesterday, had been killed by the junta forces. But Chindwin has been unable to verify independently.


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