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1,618 junta soldiers killed in the ongoing war for the last 12 months in Kayah state alone; Myanmar

The junta regime's war against ethnic Kayah people has cost massive casualties as the regime has lost more than 1,600 military personnel in the last twelve months.

(CHINDWIN): As the war is increasingly growing to a new level, a new report has revealed that there are 1,618 junta soldiers, including high rank – battalion commander ranks – have been killed in Kayah state since the full-fledged war started in February 2021 following the brutal military coup, PKPF (Progressive Karenni People Force) said on 19 November.

There are massive civilian casualties in the eastern state, with the death toll reaching 282 people and 97 IDPs as the result of the junta regime’s onslaught.

On the side of the ethnic armed resistance forces, PKPF records a total of 183 comrades killed.

This number is inclusive of all Karenni armed groups as there are several armed groups sprung in the eastern state following the people’s uprising against the junta regime in February 2021.

27 religious buildings – mostly Christian churches – were burned to the ground, whereas 1,247 houses were destroyed in the junta’s arson attacks.

Despite the massive losses on both sides, the ethnic Kayah people are determined to train harder and fight against the junta regime until it is defeated.

Battalion 01 of the Karenni National Defense Force is ramping up its military training in an undisclosed location in Kayah state.


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