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21 Rohingyas, mostly women, and six children as young as six years old arrested on the Gwa-Yangon highway

The Rakhine authority has reportedly arrested twenty-one Rohingya Muslims, mostly women, and six children as young as 6-years-old on 26 October on the Gwa-Rangoon highway, according to Narinjara news.

“A total of 21 Muslims, including six children (four males and two females), twelve women, and three male adults were arrested by the authority on 26 October at around 2 pm, and only one person speaks Rakhine language, ”a local source told  Narinjara.

“Those Muslims are from Maungdaw Township, but only one man speaks Rakhine,” he added.

According to the local source, the Rohingyas were left hiding in the bush by a driver as the vehicle had a flat tire while driving along Gwa Road near Yadanar Myaing village. They are traveling to Malaysia, a source added.

They are currently being held at Kyaingtali police station and charged for traveling without documentation in the country.

About 190 Rohingyas have been arrested in October by the Myanmar authority for traveling without documentation.

Over 1 million Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar have been forced to flee their homes in Myanmar. And most of those remaining inside the country are denied citizenship and confined to villages and camps without freedom of movement and access to adequate food, education, healthcare, and livelihoods.


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