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A Christian Catholic priest threatened by the military forces

Yangon (Chindwin): A 46-year-old Christian Catholic priest was forced to kneel at gun-point and threatened “A bullet is all it takes to kill you” by the military Junta. 

Christian churches and priests in ethnic regions face constant pressures and threats under the military council, many of them accused of being informants and aides to ethnic resistance fighters. 

A Catholic priest travelling within Nguang Shwe Region, South Shan State of Myanmar was accused of supporting PDF soldiers by junta soldiers that he was threatened by saying “A bullet is all it takes to kill you” revealed by the priest himself and one of his travel companions to Mizzima Burmese News. 

On 30th of October around 3 pm, eight Junta soldiers knowingly stopped and checked the car heading toward Phekhung from Nguang Shwe which the priest and other five passengers were on board.  

“The car was stopped, unloaded and inspected all the passengers’ bags by the junta soldiers. After that the priest was blindly accused of collecting funds for PDF and supporting by buying medicines and guns for them” said one of the passengers. 

“He was then told that a bullet will be all it takes to shot him death if he is seen travelling one more time again” the passenger added. 

The priest had a bag of fertilizer for his garden which the junta soldiers also accused him of planning to use it for making explosive device.

Several Christian religious properties have been destroyed in Chin State and Kayah [Karreni] State. On 18 September a pastor who was on his way to put out a burning house caused by the military forces was shot dead in Thantlang, Chin State. 


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