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A woman pregnant without marriage punished and forced to pay huge money by village elders in Shan state

A woman, 24, fell pregnant while working in sugar cane farm in Muse and got punished by her village elders for being pregnant without marriage and forced to pay Kyats 400,000 for a reconciliation.

(CHINDWIN): While many of the old traditions and practices are not seen a lot these days in cities and large towns in the southeast Asia nation, many villages in rural regions, mostly, in ethnic minority groups appear to cling to the old tradition when it comes to women’s rights, such as pregnancy without marriage.

A woman, 24, who spoke to local media in Shan state with anonymity, said she was forced to pay Kyats 400,000 to live in the village as villagers led by elders do not accept her being pregnant without marriage.

The victim of the old tradition was reported to have borrowed money with 5 per cent interest and paid the elders in September to reconcile with the villagers and remain in the village in accordion with their old tradition in Panlung village of Namtu township in Shan state.

Although this might be a surprise or shock to many within the country, old traditions largely remain practiced in terms of marriage and woman issue in the country – where modern lifestyles do not reach those regions across the country.

“I fell in love with a guy while working in the sugar cane farm in Muse – a border town with China and got slept once. Unfortunately, I was pregnant with one night stand,” she told a local media.


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