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ABFSU issues a statement urging local and international civil society groups to provide help to political prisoners suffering torture and sexual violence

Yangon – All Burma Federation of Student Unions (ABFSU) has issued a statement urging the local and international civil societies to provide help and medical treatment to political prisoners (men and women) who suffer sexual abuses and torture by the Myanmar military junta.

According to the statement, both women and men detained by the military junta forces suffer terrible sexual violence and torture.

“ABFSU has learned that a female member of the Student Union arrested by the Myanmar junta’s force has been sexually assaulted during the interrogation, isolated in a prison cell, and denied medical treatment. Similarly, several men and women in prisons have suffered terrible sexual abuses and tortures,” said the statement.

The statement also exposes that the military junta forces used a medieval method of torture such as penetrating bamboo-stick into the rectum of a prisoner.

“As you may be aware, one of the prisoners was tortured using a medieval method of penetrating a bamboo-stick into his rectum. The inhumane treatment of prisoners by the military junta is beyond words,” the statement added.

The statement urges local and international legal organizations, civil society groups, and those who support democracy to “speak out and provide helps and medical treatment” to those prisoners suffering all kinds of tortures and sexual abuses.

Following the military coup in February 2021, several hundreds of civilians have died during the military’s interrogation and in custody.

A Full Statement of ABFSU in Burmese Language


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