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Almost 150 Myanmar regime soldiers killed in two-day clashes with civilian defense forces and ethnic armed groups

Yangon (Chindwin) :  Civilian forces such as People Defense Forces (PDF) and Chinland Defense Forces (CDF) alongside Chin National Army (CNA)have killed 141 Myanmar junta soldiers in in two days of clashes this week in Chin State, Karenni State, Magway and Sagaing regions in what is the largest number of casualties inflicted upon Myanmar regime since the coup in February. 

Armed conflicts in Chin State, Karen State, Karenni [Kayah], Southern and Northern Shan State, Sagaing and Magway are increasingly intensified since last week, with the armed clashes occurring nearly every day. 

The last two days have been one of the most significant thrashing of the military regime by the civilians force as 141 of the regime soldiers were killed in several battles. 

On 05 November, clash occurred in Pinlebu, Sagaing region was the largest casualty in a single battle for which 50 regime soldiers were killed, two killed in Thantlang, Chin State, one killed in Tamu, Sagaing region, ten soldiers in ChaungOo and twenty soldiers in Kawlin and three soldiers in GanGaw, Magway region. 

In Karen State, battalion 1 of Karen National Liberation Army had launched an offensive against the mitliary junta in Mipungywa, Hpa-Ann district and killed five junta soldiers. 

On 06 November, twenty-five regime soldiers killed in a clash in Cunhlah, Sagaing, eleven soldiers and policemen in Hakha, Chin State, three soldiers each in Demoso and Pekhon, seven in Kunchangung. 

It is learned that five comrades of People Defense Forces and one soldier from Chin National Army are part of the casualties from the anti-junta resistance groups. 

Due to the significant loss encountering in Chin State, Magway and Saging regions, Myanmar military regime has given names for special operations in these areas; “Anawrahta operation for Chin State and Magway and Alawngmintaya for Sagaing region”. 

Thantlang Town in Chin State has faced the full-length of the regime’s cruelty as the town has been emptied forcing all residents to flee their homes for safety due to the constant attack on the town and killed civilians on 19 September. 

On 29 October, the military regime torched and burned down the town using the rocket-propelled grenade in which 164 houses burned down to the ground, while the rocket-propelled shelling landed on orphanage home of Thantlang Association Baptist Churches burning the orphanage home and three houses. 

Chinland Defense Force, which has sixteen units across the tiny state and beyond as it has unit formed in Kalay-Kabaw-Kankaw region which is between Magway and Sagaing regions, had launched offensive attacks in Thantlang on 05 November and killed 2 junta soldiers, 4 junta policemen in Rezua town of Matupi district in attack on 06 November and killed 11 soldiers and policemen in Hakha. 

Karen National Union (KNU) said that there was a total of 275 armed conflicts only in the month of October in which Karen National Liberation army and Karen National Defense Organization had killed 271 regime soldiers and wounded 266. 


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