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Arakan Army (AA) has captured another military junta base in Maungdaw township in the western state of Myanmar

10 October 2022

Fighting has been intense in Rakhine state between the junta army and Arakan Army (AA), with the junta army conducting air strikes nearly every day these days.

Despite the junta army sending an increased number of reinforcements, Arakan Army has captured the junta army’s base located in the northern area of Maungdaw township near the border between Bangladesh and Myanmar.

The base captured by Arakan Army is called Leihya Border guard camp.

Military source says the Arakan Army, with around 70 personnel, launched an early morning attack against the junta army base at around 4:00 am, and the clash ended at about 7:00 am.

Local Rakhine media reported that 14 junta security forces had surrendered to AA, while other sources acknowledged that Arakan Army burned the base camp.

The junta army sent fighter jet to raid air strikes in the area, but there is no report of casualty from Arakan Army.


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