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Arakan Army vows to retaliate over the junta regime’s barbaric massacre in western Rakhine region

The junta regime security forces have killed nine people in Ponagyun township of Rakhine on 10 November when the junta forces launched an operation in region.

(CHINDWIN): The Arakan Army has vowed that it will retaliate against the junta regime following the junta troops’ barbaric killing of nine people – one of the worst massacres the junta regime committed so far in Rakhine state, the Arakan Army noted in its statement yesterday.

The incident is reported to have occurred in Seiningyi village of Ponagyun township in western Rakhine on 10 November when the junta troops from Ponagyun town conducted military operation in the township.

A day after the local media reported that the junta troops inhumanely killed nine people and burned their houses in the Seiningyi village of Ponagyun township, the Arakan Army – one of the most potent ethnic armed forces – issued a stern statement, vowing to retaliate against the junta regime at its strongest term.

On the 10th and 11th of November, the junta army’s Light Infantry Battalion – 550 shelled several rounds of artillery from Ponagyun town, killing two people and critically wounding five people, including a mother and her children who lost parts of their bodies at the result of the junta’s shelling.

The Arakan Army used the term “coward” aiming against the junta regime as the regime, according to the AA’s statement, dares not fight against the ethnic armed group.

Instead, the regime violently kills innocent civilians.

Despite the junta coup leader’s all-out attempts to reach a cease-fire with the Arakan Army, the deal made between the parties have come to an end as fighting has resumed in recent time.

Several accounts of reports citing internal sources from the Tatmadaw says the junta army had been badly inflicted upon by the Arakan Army during the 2019 war in which it was believed several battalions of the junta army were lost.


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