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Burmese Activists started the “Sorry” Campaign for Rohinya and ethnic minority groups

Photo credit: Khit Thit Media

Yangon, Myanmar: Since the military regime started the cruel ethnic cleansing campaign against the Rohingya minority in 2017, many of the Barma ethnic group are not aware of the crimes against humanity intentionally perpetrated by the military regime, but many fell in the military slogan’s trap blaming the Rohingya as an invader group and a threat to the existing of the Burmese Buddhism.

Thanks to the February 01 military coup d’état which revealed the full length of the military crimes committed against ethnic Christian minority and Rohingya people in particular for the last 50 years.

The coup helped the Barmar ethnic majority people aware of their ignorance over the sufferings of ethnic people, and acquaintance with what the military regime has been doing for the last many decades against the ethnic minority groups including Rohingya.  

Photo credit: Khit Thit Media

The Rohingya communities express their welcome of this campaign via the social media. Dr. Sasa on behalf of the parallel Government National Unity Government has been key instrumental in establishing communication and engagement with wider Rohinya communities, including the diaspora Rohingya communities.

Inside the country, many young scholars, netizens, and monks alike are starting the “sorry” campaign for the crimes the Tatmadaw committed against Royinha as their crimes amass unthinkable atrocities and ethnic cleansing.

Likewise, it was learned that many Burmese students studying overseas in Australia, Uk, the US, and others flooded their social media with their sorry campaign for ethnic brethren and Rohingya for not realizing the full length of the sufferings for the ethnic groups at the hands of the Tatmadaw regime. This has begun in the beginning of the coup d’état in February.

The silence of Dawt Aung San Suu Gyi’s administration over the crimes perpetrated against the Rohingya by the military regime and her obvious protection of the Tatmadaw in the ICJ (International Court of Justice) resulted in the hesitant response from the Western democratic countries.


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