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CDF-Mindat kills over 70 junta’s soldiers in over a week-long clashes on the main highway that connects Mindat and Matupi towns

Fighting between CDF-Mindat and military junta’s soldiers has continued into nine days along Mindat-Matupi highway, inflicting heavy casualties on junta’s forces. CDF-Mindat claims the killing of over 70 junta’s soldiers in over a week-long clash that broke since 31 October.

“More than 10 junta’s soldiers were killed at 1:00 pm [Myanmar Time] today in a clash at 19 miles on the highway connecting Mindat and Matupi towns,” according to CDF-Mindat.

The fighting broke out on 31 October, as the CDF-Mindat ambushed military trucks that carried hundreds of junta’s soldiers, along the main highway that connects Mindat and Matupi, in Chin State.

The clashes continue from 31 October to 10 November today. On 31 October, CDF-Mindat reportedly ambushed the junta’s soldiers and killed three and injured eight others.

Convoy trucks of junta’s soldiers/Photo via CDF-Mindat

The second clash was followed on 3 November, killing 10 junta’s soldiers, and injuring many more. A 73 years-old member of CDF-Mindat and retired teacher was also killed in the frontline on that day.

On 4 November, the fighting continued near 6 and 9 mileposts on Mindat-Mitupi highways. CDF-Mindat launched an attack using landmines, killing 5 junta’s soldiers. On the same day, another ambushed attack was launched at 43 mileposts and reportedly killed 20 and injured many others.

Fighting continued on 6 and 7 November, mostly CDF-Mindat launching an interceptive attack on the military convoy. CDF-Mindat claimed the killing of at least 25 junta’s soldiers and injuring many more.

On 9 November, there was a skirmish at 16 mileposts, and five junta’s soldiers were killed and injured many others. CDF-Mindat continued to attack those retreating to 14 mileposts and had killed another two soldiers and many injured, according to CDF-Mindat’s official report through its Facebook page.

All clashes occur on the highway between Mindat-Matupi towns in Chin State. The spokesperson of Mindat-CDF has confirmed this report.


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