Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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Chin State’s capital city under attack by the military junta

Updated: Video file has been edited in line with the video sender due to the security.

Hakha city, the capital of Chin State, is under attack again by the military junta as the thousands of inhabitants have nowhere to hide and run away. The people in Hakha have endured the terrors of the military junta’s attack every night since two weeks ago.

Around 8:00 pm tonight, the inhabitants in Hakha suffer from the constant explosions and gunfire by the military junta. One resident told Chindwin that people in Hakha have been living with fear as they heard explosions and gunfire every night. So far, several properties have been damaged because of the explosion and gunfire.

A video directly sent to Chindwin a while ago shows a man whose house is completely burned down by the mortar bomb shelled by Myanmar’s military junta, saying that his neighbour house will be affected as the fire is burning unstoppable. He requests to be anonymous due to his security.

Yesterday, the State Administrative Council’s army shelled mortar bomb and gun fires across the city and one lady got severely injured, with some properties damaged.

Similarly, a few hours earlier in Thantlang – a town just 23 miles from Hakha was attacked by the military, resulting in more than 20 residential properties damaged. A Christian pastor who went to help put off the fire was shot dead by the military junta.


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