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China begins a cross-border freight train to Myanmar

Yangon (Chindwin): In defiance of the people of Myanmar fighting against the military regime to return the country to a democracy and widespread civil war in the country, China has dramatically stepped up building a cross-border train link to Myanmar since mid-2021.

The Embassy of China in Myanmar has today announced that a cross-border train link has been completed, with a new freight train starting its first journey to Myanmar on 23 May 2022. 

The Sino – Burmese cross-border train link is a part of China’s Silk route project. 

The new Sino – Myanmar route (Chongqing-Lingchang-Myanmar) International Railway departs from the Chongqing port of Yueqing station in Chongqing on May 23, representing the launch of the new Sino-Burmese route (Chongqing-Lingchang-Myanmar). The freight train is said to carry 60 standard containers which transport heavy machinery, equipment, electronic accessories, and car and motorcycle spare parts. 

The train will arrive in Mandalay – the capital city of upper Myanmar 15 days later through the Lingchang border checkpoint in Yunnan Province. 

The Chinese embassy says it is a joint road and rail transport. It is estimated that the shipping time between Chung Ching and Myanmar will be 20 days shorter than the traditional method, which will reduce the capital flow of goods by 20%.


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