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Civilian death’s toll on the rise as clashes between military junta and people defense forces militia rages 1

Sources: AAPP

12 September 2021

Yangon (Chindwin): Myanmar has gradually plunged into conventional civil war as  clashes between the military junta and a combination of ethnic armed groups and people defense forces militias have been escalating to a new record – leading to the rise of civilian death toll. 

The Assistance Association for Political Prisoners (AAPP) regularly documents the civilians killed by State Administrative Council’s security forces since 01 Feb coup. The AAPP reported yesterday that 1,080 civilians had been killed by Myanmar military junta. “The actual number of people killed is likely to be higher,  yet we will continue recording the number as and when data is received,” said AAPP on its official Facebook page.

The AAPP verified that 18 people were reportedly killed yesterday alone. These 18 civilians killed were from Lounglon Township in Tanintharyi Region and Gantgaw Township in Magway region.

In addition to the deaths, the AAPP has also recorded 6398 people currently under military’s detention, with 272 sentenced in prison, and 26 people have been sentenced to death, including two children.

The AAPP is a non-profit human rights organization founded in 2000 by former political prisoners living in exile on the Thai-Myanmar border. Since its formation, the organization constantly documents human rights violations in Myanmar, advocates and lobbies for releasing political prisoners and improving their lives.

Regular fighting between the anti-coup resistance fighters and Myanmar military has intensified across the country following the NUG’s announcement of war against the military junta on 07 Sept.  Three days later, the junta’s army used fighter jets to attack the Chinland Defense Forces at Lungler villager near the India-Myanmar border.


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