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Civilians run for hiding as Myanmar junta pounds the village and raids the airstrike in Karen State

Yangon (Chindwin): Heavy fighting on the Wallay – Myawaddy Asia highway has led to the destruction of four car and Myanmar military junta has sent fighter jet to raid airstrike against the special operation unit of Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA). 

Karen National Union (KNU) had issued a directive against Myanmar military junta and those working under the junta’s administration in early of March o leave from the territory controlled by Brigade 6 of KNLA – an armed wing of KNU before the end of March.

The junta army, instead, doubles up sending new reinforcements to the territory controlled by the KNU’s Brigade 6. 

Today, hundreds of travellers are unable to continue as their journey stalled in the middle of Wa Lay – Kawkareik – Myawaddy Asia highway connecting to Thai border through Karen State. 

Our source says fighting is expected to be intensified as Myanmar military junta has sent huge reinforcements for the last five days in defiance of the directive issued by Brigade 6 of KNLA. 

The airstrike raided by the junta helicopter over the Kyaik Kyi village in Kya Inn Saik Kyi Township of Karen State has reportedly caused damaged and injured some civilians as all villagers flee for the safety.

It is difficult to calculate the full extent of damage caused by the airstrike according to our ground source. 


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