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CNA/CDF-Matupi clashes with the junta’s troops on the highway between Matupi and Mindat

Fighting between CNA/CDF-Matupi and Myanmar junta’s forces has erupted on the highway between Matupi and Mindat townships, Chin State this afternoon (Myanmar Time).

“Hundreds of junta’s troops are reportedly traveling toward Mindat and begged for ceasefire using loudspeaker along the way claiming there are on their way to road maintenance,” reported the Hakha Times, a local news outlet based in Chin State.

CNA/CDF-Matupi, however, fire the troops because the road maintenance would allow heavy reinforcement of troops and supplies to Matupi township, the Hakha Times added.

There is no report on fatality or injury of both sides.

The Myanmar military council has been sending heavy reinforcements to Chin State, Sagaing, and Magway Regions to operate fullscale offensive operations against CNA/CDFs and People Defense Forces (PDF).

However, the CNA/CDFs have controlled or destroyed most of the highways and main supply routes connecting to Chin State to hamper the reinforcements of the junta’s troops and supplies.


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