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Current update on Chin State, Myanmar: Christian Church burned, residential properties destroyed, civilians arrested

Hakha (Chindwin): Myanmar’s military junta has made a targeted offensive against the resistance groups known as Chin National Army (CNA) and Chinland Defense Force (CDF) in Chin State and has been marching towards Hakha, the capital city of Chin State from Kalaymyo, Sagaing region and to Mindat town from Pauk Town, Magway region.

The military junta has called the offensive against Chin State as “A clearance operation” according our source close to the military intelligence.

Since August, due to the active military operations and continued conflict between the military junta and Chinland Defense Forces – Mindat, more than 40,000 of its residents have left the town seeking shelters in the nearby villages, with thousands camping in the jungle where access is extremely difficult. 

Today, while the fighting is intensified across the main highway between Hakha city and Falam town in the north, a military convoy, with more than 80 trucks, have arrived in Mindat town – the southern town of Chin State. 

In the battle near Hniarlawn – an outskirt of Hakha city, five military soldiers were killed by a combined forces of Chin National Army (CNA) and Chinland Defense Force (CDF), according to the spokesperson of CNA. The military junta forces have arrested four civilians, including the minor aged 13 at Hniarlawn village.

The Chin National Organization (CNO) in Falam town warns local civilians this morning to avoid travelling Falam-Hakha and Falam-Rih highways as a big military convoy arrived in Falam Town yesterday are heading to Hakha city and Rih. 

The warning from CNO comes following the arrival of heavy military reinforcement convoys, including armored vehicles and dozens of military trucks carrying hundreds of ground troops yesterday in nearby Falam, Chin State. 

A few hours later, the fighting erupts across the main highway between Hakha and Falam. The military junta forces have burned Christian church alongside four residential properties in Rialti village in the township area of Falam. The soldiers are seen looting the properties and killing animals such as pigs, goats and hens. 

The military junta had reportedly killed two villagers from Tuphei, Falam township yesterday. Corpses of the two villagers killed were found on the roadside this morning, according to villagers from Tuphei. 

“SAC fighter jets have also been found whizzing over areas close to Camp Victoria, the military headquarters of CNF/A (Chin National Front/Army),” reported the Chin Human Rights Organization yesterday. 

Recent reinforcement of troops and supplies comes as part of the Myanmar military council’s plan to conduct a “clearance operation” against Chin resistance fighters.

The Myanmar military’s troops have been fighting Chin resistance fighters since early this year. Their continued military operations in Chin State have forced thousands of civilians to flee their homes, with thousands crossing India’s border for shelter.


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