Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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Dozens of Myanmar’s military junta forces are killed in Thantlang Town, Chin State

Yangon (Chindwin): Chinland Defense Forces (CDF) has issued a statement detailing that more than 30 State Administrative Council’s soldiers were killed yesterday in a battle at Thantlang.  

The fighting took place in the middle of Thantlang, which is home to over ten thousand. Yet, residents confirmed to The Chindwin that all inhabitants had been informed that fighting would occur in the town as the military junta’s forces continued bombing the properties and harming innocent citizens.

The statement reads that fighting lasted for six hours, starting at 10:00 am to 4:00 pm in the town yesterday, adding that those groups from CDF and Chin National Army (CNA) were not injured. 

The Chindland Defense Forces (CDF) condemn the indiscriminate attacks on civilians by the military junta.  It also sends a strong message to the military junta that the CDF and Chin National Army (CNA) are fully committed to rooting out the military junta as long as they are marauding and harming civilians. 

CDF-Thantlang and CNA claimed success with more than 30 military junta’s forces killed in a battle.

In response, the military junta bombed Thantlang, resulting in 20 properties being destroyed. Also, a Christian pastor was shot dead in a point-blank who went out by his motorcycle to help put off the fire. Chindwin has learned that the pastor decided to go out and help extinguish the fire as there were not enough people in the town as recent conflict forced thousands to flee for their safety. 

Like Thantlang Town, Hakha, the capital city of Chin State, has been bombarded since yesterday, and people live in fear, and many are taking underground shelters. 

An all-out war in Chin State appears to be happening now.


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