Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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Fighting is occurring now in Rezua Town, Chin State

HAPPENING NOW: Intense fighting between the Myanmar military junta and a joint force of Chin National Army (CNA) and Chinland Defense Force – Zotung (CDF-Zotung) is happening now in Rezua Town of Matupi District in Chin State. 

Locals report to Chindwin that fighting has been happening nearly every day since four days ago, and the junta forces of army and police – both of which camps are located back to back and just metre away are holed up in their camps. 

It has been weeks that the junta forces cannot get out in the town as more than half of the town has been under direct control by CNA and CDF – Zotung.  

The joint force of CNA and CDF – Zotung has already cut off the water and electricity supply for the junta forces in the camps located in the upper hill of the town.  

CNA and CDF – Zotung has geared up launching their offensive against the military junta forces stuck in the camps of Rezua Town.  

Rezua is home to more than 2000 inhabitants, with around 500 houses. Our contact says half of the population has already fled the town in fear of heavy weapons attacks by the junta.


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