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Fighting is raged in Chin State: Myanmar

Yangon – Multiple clashes are reportedly occurring between the advancing Myanmar’s junta army and Chin alliance defense forces in the northern region of Chin State, 15 January 2022.

Myanmar’s junta army has deployed airpower twice in a clash with Chin alliance defense forces in Hiangzing village of Tedim Township at around 12:00 pm today, however, the airstrike was not that successful due to the heavy smog. 

The junta army sending the fighter jet appears to be the result of being heavily inflicted upon by the local Chin alliance forces, with two junta soldiers confirmed dead and many believed to be injured. 

In the east side of the northern region – not too far from Hiangzing, the other clash is reported to have occurred at the entry point of Parte village in Falam Township between Myanmar’s junta army and Chin National Defense Force (CNDF). 

In efforts to infiltrate entering Falam Town in order to access to the capital city of Chin State – Hakha, the junta army has sent new reinforcement with around 200 personnel attempting to enter Falam Town through Waibula – the southern village in Kalaymyo Township and directly from Kalymyo Town for this the multiple clashes are happening in areas where the junta advancing to penetrate the fortress of Chin civilian defense forces. 

Recently, dozens of Myanmar junta soldiers have been confirmed killed by Chinland Defense Force – Matupi and Chin Defence Force – Mindat in the southern region of Chin State.

According to a reliable source from Chin National Army, there was an armed clash between its patrolling force and an Indian border armed rebel group known as the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), also known as Kate, in one of the northern regions in Tonzang Township, Chin State.

There were casualties on both sides, with CNA losing its major rank and other cadre and PLA losing at least five of its cadres.


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