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Human trafficking victims are seeking help to return to Maynmar from Oman as she and other 22 women are sold by Aye Aye Khine and her associates in Yangon, Myanmar

12 September 2022

A victim of human trafficking is seeking urgent help for rescue from Oman country after being sold through the city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates by Myanmar agent Aye Aye Khine, who lives on No. 9 street near the junction of the North Okkalapa.

The victim’s name is Khine Ma Win from Pyionmatu village of Taungthar township in Mandalay region was persuaded that she would get a well-paying job in Dubai city by Aye Aye Khine, and instead, the victim, along with other 22 victims, were sold into Oman city.

A total of 23 women are sold into Oman country from Myanmar without the victims not being aware of where they have landed in a foreign country from Yangon city.

The victim – Khin Ma Win revealed the collaborator with Aye Aye Khine is an ethnic Chin woman from Oman country and threatened to beat the victims if the victims are not able to work in Oman.

The agents in Oman and Myanmar are threatening all the victims in Oman country that they must pay all the money back to return to the country as they could not contact Aye Aye Khine and facing an uncertain future in Oman country.


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