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Hundreds of IDPs forced to sleep on riverbank after Thai authority refuses to accept them

Melbourne – Hundreds of civilians who are internally displaced by the fighting in Lay Kay Kaw area of Myawaddy Township, Karen State, are forced to cross the border river into Thailand after the continued bombardment of Myanmar’s junta on the shelters of IDPs, forcing the IDPs to sleep on the riverbank, on 19 December.

These IDPs are reportedly refused to be accepted by Thai authorities. 

As the result of Thai authorities’ refusing to accept the IDPs into Thailand, those fleeing the fighting have no choice but to return to the villages, crossing the river back home after sleeping on the riverbank a night in the border of Thailand. 

“I know that all the troops have been told to prepare for the potential escalating of fighting in the area, and all residents have fled the villages,” one IDP told Delta News agency. 

Today, the Karen National Liberation Army – an armed wing of the Karen National Union has given all seven brigades the green light to fire. 

Locals are concerned that all-out war has just started in the area – fearing the indiscriminate airstrike against civilians in the villages and Towns in Karen State.


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