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In Sagaing region: Civilians arrested, tortured and murdered, bodies found by locals

Yangon (Chindwin) : Seven villagers arrested by the military council from Moenan, Oakkan, Chaungna villages in the western side of Kawlin Township, Sagaing region, were reportedly killed and bodies are found sustained wounds of guns and knives, according to the locals. 

The arrest was said to have taken place in early November. 

Among the slain, a minor young boy aged 16 was included, and he was from Chaungna village. The other six bodies have been badly decomposed, and hard to identify who they are. 

The bodies were discovered at around 9:00 am [Myanmar Time] near Monan village, and locals are assuming that five of the bodies could be from Monan village and the other one could be from Oakkan village. 

“Four days ago, the military council’s army came to the villages and taken them away and not sure of the number of those arrested. Due to the decomposition of the bodies, it is extremely difficult to identify who they are, and we are just assuming,” said a local to Kachin News Group. 

This report has been verified through our contact in Sagaing region. 

Chaungna, Monan, Oakkan villages are located back-to-back in the western side of Kawlin and around 26 miles away from Kawlin Town. 

Within two days, the military council has killed 10 civilians in the western villages of Kawlin Township. 

Kawlin is one of the areas affected by the cut-off of all communication by the military council in Sagaing region. 

Sagaing has been one of the military regime’s top priorities in launching an onslaught against the people defense forces under the name of Alawngmintaya operation due to inflicting heavy loss upon the regime in the areas. Hundreds of the junta soldiers have been killed in battles in the area since September. 

Chindwin has learned that People Defense Forces active in Kawlin and Katha areas are trained and assisted by Kachin Independence Army (LIA) in their military operations against the military regime.


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