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India’s Assam Riffles arrests Myanmar nationals with weapons and cash in Mizoram State

Lawngtlai (Chindwin):  Assam Rifles troops in the Mizoram state of India have arrested five Myanmar nationals with cash in Rupee and weapons near the India – Bangladesh border on 15 March 2022. 

The Assam Rifle has reportedly recovered around 60 lakhs Rupee and weapons – a pistol, a rifle and AK47 with live ammunition during the arrest at Chhotaguisury of Lawngtlai district in Mizoram state. 

Our source in Mizoram, whom Chindwin contacted, says U Pa Thang, a Parliamentary Member of National League for Democracy (NLD) from Matupi constituency in southern Chin State, was one of five arrested by the Assam Rifles. 

Our adds U Pa Thang does not get involved in the arms smuggling but was caught in the same car and others when raided by the Assam Rifles in Chhotaguisury Town on 15 March. 

This has been the tenth time the Indian Assam Rifles raided Myanmar nationals and arrested them with weapons and explosives in Mizoram state upon receiving an accurate tip-off on the exchange of firearms. 

A person, who requests to be anonymous, says there are rumours among thousands of Myanmar refugees in Mizoram and locals that the arms traffickers and Assam Rifles are said to have a secret deal. The arms traffickers from Mizoram always provide an accurate tip-off before the weapon crosses Indian border to Myanmar border. 

Several media outlets in Mizoram have confirmed that Assam Riffles has received information on arms exchange, trafficking and accurate track of the transport link, citing the sources from Assam Riffles. 

There are rumours spread among people on the border that people who provide a tip-off are awarded a 5,000 Rupee, which The Chindwin cannot independently verify.


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