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Karenni State announced the establishment of civilian police force

Yangon, Myanmar: The military coup effectively gave birth to the forcible creation of civilian resistance in many forms across the country.

While many ethnic armed organizations (EAOs) are being strengthened in their recruits with huge numbers over the last few months, proving that armed resistance appears to be the only solution for returning the country into the path of democracy. 

Since the establishment of the People Defense Force (PDF) directly under the control and management by the Department of Defense at National Unity Government, each state and division formed their people and civilian defense force rejecting the military coup and resisting the ruling of the SAC (State Administrative Council).

Karenni State has been well known for its strong resistance against the Tatmadaw and the civilian casualty rate is one of the highest due to the fighting between the Tatmadaw and the Karenni People’s Defense Force in which hundreds of the Tatmadaw’s soldiers lost.

Now,  the Karenni Post revealed that the Karenni State Consultative Council was able to successfully form the Karenni Police Force to take security services within their state. It is known that this was formed soon after the successful formation of the Karenni National Defense Force (KNDF).

Seven months after the coup, the civilian defense forces in the states and divisions are taking the matters of security and protection of the civilians into their own hands, whereas the Tatmadaw and security forces of the State Administrative Council are continuously marauding and terrorizing citizens with fear and forcing the citizens to be unable to have proper sleep across the country.


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