Thursday, July 18, 2024
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Kawkareik town is fallen into the hands of the ethnic Karen force and People Defense Force; Myanmar

The ethnic Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) in collaboration with People Defense Force based in Karen state launched a heavy offensive against the junta regime targets in Kawkareik town, causing a town to stand still and falling the junta regime's outpost to the KNLA and PDF forces.

(CHINDWIN): After intense fighting for hours since 7:00 am in the morning today, Kawkareik – a town not too far from Thai border has been under the control of joint forces of the Karen National Liberation Army and People Defense Force as the joint forces have encircled the town and guarding security.

This is a huge blow to the junta regime which has made great efforts to defeat People Defense Force and Karen National Liberation Army after thousands of the junta troops have been obliterated since the start of civil war in May 2021.

“Many prisoners have been released, and these people already joined the PDF and KNLA in fighting against the junta army,” Albino Tiger Battalion – 1 of People Defense Force based in Karen state says in its media statement.

The Albino Tiger Battalion says strategic preparation has been made in advance for the junta air strikes, which only harmed civilians and destroyed the office buildings and civilian homes.


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