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Key commander responsible for killing civilians and destroying more than 800 houses in the western town of Myanmar: Revealed

Yangon – Since the start of massive fires in the western town of Myanmar destroying around 200 businesses and more than 8,00 houses – partly caused by the firing of rocket-propelled grenades and the arson attacks, many are keen to know the culprits responsible for ordering the attacks as well as the logic of destroying the emptied town for numerous times. 

With a concerted investigation effort, the alleged culprit, a commander responsible for deaths of five civilians, including a Christian minister and destruction of so many livelihoods in the town of Thantlang, has been exposed as one of the key responsible military officers stationed in the town. 

Major Nay Myo Oo, who is reported to be a Column Commander for Light Infantry Battalion – 222, is directly responsible for the crimes perpetrated upon the town of more than 10,000 inhabitants, according to Chin Human Rights Organization (CHRO). 

That being said, no organizations, including Chindwin can fully verify the extent of whether Major Nay Myo Oo himself gave the order or followed the order from his superior in crimes perpetrated in border town of Chin State.

According to our source, the column commander of western border township is said to directly report to the base of the military operation command no. 10 base in Kalaymyo Town of Sagaing region.

On September 29, a group of elders of Thantlang Town contacted Major Nay Myo Oo for permission to enter the town. The junta major gave the elders a permission to enter the town over the telephone.

However, when entering the town at the sunset at the entry point of the town from Hakha city, two elders were shot dead and two were badly wounded by the troops under the command of Major Nay Myo Oo in Thantlang, reversing his earlier promise to the town’s elder group.

On his desertion, the former personal staff officer (PSO) of deputy commander of northwestern regional command has revealed that the Hakha-based command is responsible for all military operations in Chin State under the northwestern regional command that covers Chin state and Sagaing region.

The major is allegedly accused of being responsible for ordering and participating in the deaths of civilians, shelling heavy weapons on the town and destruction of nearly 200 businesses and more than 800 residential properties out of more than 2,000 houses in the town since September 2021. 

Chindwin has learned Major Nay Myo Oo is originally from Homalin Town of Sagaing region. He is married with a son and his wife, identified as Nang Mway Phoung, who has social media account, posted family pictures on her social media of which it appears that the Column Commander in Thantlang Township wears his military uniform. 


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