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KNU/KNLA supports a civilian force’s offensive against the junta in Mon State

Yangon – A joint force of Karen National Union (KNU)/KNLA (Karen National Liberation Army) and Thaton Guerrilla Group (TGP) has carried out an offensive against Myanmar junta’s soldiers between Htone Bo Lay and Htone Bo Gyi villages on Pinne Taw Road, causing several casualties for the military junta, according to the information released by TGP. 

Scene of the fighting near Thaton Township, Mon State.

“The offensive has taken place at 11:10 am on 22 November, killing at least two junta soldiers and wounding at least four others,” said a member of TGP. 

The junta forces are more than 40 troops. They have divided into three groups. The joint forces of KNU/KNLA and TGP encountered a group of 15 junta soldiers. The exchange lasted around 5 minutes.

In a similar fashion, the Mon Thaton Special Defense Force (MTHSF) and KNLA Brigade 1 had carried out a joint strike against Thaton No. 402 artillery unit on 08 November. 

On 23 August, the group fired a rocket-launcher grenade that landed inside the cannon at the artillery unit. 

A few months ago, KNU/KNLA was under pressure by the military junta not to harbour People Defense Forces in its territory nor to provide the military training.

Soon, that was the hit of internet – one of the top popular trending on social media trending at a time in Myanmar after two of KNU top leaders apparently tended to side with the military junta – issuing statement of a directive towards KNU’s brigades not to accommodate People Defense Forces in KNU’s territories. 

Despite the leadership chaos, KNU, however, has been consistent in the fight against the military regime, and one of the four ethnic armed organizations that actively support People Defense Forces and provide military training at their territories.


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