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Landmines planted by Myanmar military continue to be a major barrier for IDPs to secure a safe return homes

Yangon (Chindwin) : The Karenni National Défense Force (KNDF) has reportedly cleared 14 landmines planted by Myanmar junta’s forces in Demoso, Kayah State, on 14 November (today).

The Myanmar junta forces are mainly responsible for laying landmines on public roads and in villages of intense clashes with armed groups. The increasing use of landmines by the junta forces has posed major threats to civilians in conflict areas.

“I have received distressing reports that the junta forces are laying landmines on public roads,” the UN Special Rapporteur for Myanmar Tom Andrews shared on 8 June.

More and more local civilians in recent conflict regions, such as Chin State, Karenni State, Magway, and Sagaing regions have been driven away from homes as clashes between junta forces and armed groups continue.

The junta forces contaminate public roads, homes, and villages abandoned due to armed conflicts with landmines and ERW explosions.

And the increasing use of landmines and the absence of an effective clearance program have become a major barrier for displaced civilians to secure a dignified and safe return to their homes and villages.

The survivors of landmines and other explosive ordnance may experience lifelong impairments, psychological trauma, social exclusion and educational hurdles.

According to UNICEF, the countrywide number of casualties in the first nine months of 2021 reached 192 people, and Children represent 29% of casualties from landmine/ERW explosions.


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