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Lt. Col. Myo Zin Htun of the junta’s forces loses his leg as he steps on a landmine they have planted in Thantlang, Chin State

Lieutenant Colonel Myo Zin Htun, a military junta’s commander of the 269th Light Infantry Battalion, has reportedly lost his right leg in an explosion of a landmine they have planted in Thantlang Town – the western border town of Myanmar on 13 February.

Since September 2021, fighting has continued in Thanthlang Town between the junta’s troops and the anti-coup resistant fighters, the Chinland Defense Force – Thantlang (CDF-Thantlang) and the Chin National Army (CNA).

The junta’s forces planted landmines to block resistant fighters, including CDF-Thantlang and CNA, from entering the town.

A photo of Lt. Col. Myo Zin Htun was seen in Mingaladon Military Hospital on 14 February as his colleague, Lt. Col. Ye Lin Aung donated money on his hospital bed.

According to military sources, Lt. Col. Myo Zin Htun, who lost his leg, will be transferred to the Ministry of Civil Affairs and will retire from the military.

The Myanmar junta’s forces commanded by Lt. Col. Myon Zun Htun are responsible for killing at least seven civilians, burning over nine hundred residential houses, and forcing over ten thousand civilians out of Thantlang town in Chin State.


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