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Mass displaced by the ongoing war in Kachin State; Myanmar

Yangon – More than 6,000 civilians in Kachin State have been displaced by the ongoing war and seeking shelter in the jungles.

The intense fighting between Myanmar junta force and Kachin Independence Army (KIA) is ongoing in Sumpiyang Lung Sha Yang and Insiyang villages of PutaO Township in the north of Kachin State, Myanmar. 

The intense fighting has started since 22 February 2022 and Myanmar junta’s army has used several rounds of airstrike, killing civilians and destroying many houses in the village.

As a result of constant airstrike and bombing, the local residents in the areas where fighting has been occurring are forced to flee their villages and seeking shelters in the jungles.  

Tarpaulin makeshift tents are mostly used to protect from the cold weather and rain in the jungle. 

Locals report that there is not much food available for the internally displaced people currently stuck in between Myitkyina and PutaO of Kachin State. 

Humanitarian aid delivery into the locations of IDPs might be difficult as KIA has shut down the main road connecting Myitkyina and PutaO for security reason. 

Thousands of these IDPs are much in need of food and medicines as children and the aged are among thousands in the jungle camps, person with direct knowledge of the situation in Kachin told Chindwin.


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