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Massive death numbers for Myanmar’s junta army in a single area of KNU’s Brigade No. 5 in Karen State; Myanmar

Yangon – A war report published by Mu Traw (Hpapun) district of Karen National Union’s Brigade 5 has detailed 2692 clashes, killing a total of 1364 junta soldiers and injured 1313 last year from January to December of 2021. 

This report does not cover the entire military operation of Karen National Liberation Army but it is just the brigade 5 area in Hpapun district also called as Mu Traw district.

A list of high ranks of Myanmar’s army ranging from one tactical commander, three battalion commanders, 14 company officers, a platoon officer, an officer, a sergeant, to a deputy sergeant are among the dead of more than a thousand. Also, another battalion commander is among the injured.

Last year alone, Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) in Brigade 5 has destroyed 47 vehicles of the junta army and 80 horses used by the junta, the report states. 

The report includes casualties from the side of KNLA – of which a company officer, a deputy company officer, two-second lieutenants, two sergeants, three corporals.

KNLA’s tactical commander, major Saw Htoo Ka Shaw, said to a local media that the war had happened because of the military junta intrusion into the areas under the KNU’s control. 

The war has come with a huge cost of destruction of local livelihoods – receiving a total of 1136 rounds of heavy artillery which resulted in the killing of 12 civilians and injuring 42. 

The war is expected to be increasingly escalating as the junta has shown no sign of abating its onslaught, but continuing conducting the airstrike against the ethnic armed group even yesterday, 04 January 2022.


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