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Military council calls five-month ceasefire and vow to respond to attack against state’s security and administration

  • The military announces the ceasefire amidst their increased offensive against ethnic armed organizations and local militia groups (People Defense Forces and Chinland Defense Forces) 
  • The military junta continues intense crackdown on supporters for resistance forces across the country.  
  • The military junta continues shutting down all communication lines (internet and telephone) in more than 20 townships 

The military council on Monday declared a five-month ceasefire period starting from 1 October to 28 February 2022.

One of the main reasons for the ceasefire declaration is to help fight against COVID-19, according to the statement. The statement said all military operations will be suspended throughout the country, except for disruption and attack against state’s security and administrations. 

In the statement, the military council accused the People Defense Forces (PDF), a supporter of the National League for Democracy (NLD) and the National Unity Government (NUG) of carrying out attacks on health workers who were on their mission to vaccinate Bengali refugees (referring to the Rohingya) and internally displaced people (IDPs) in controlled areas of ethnic armed organizations (EAOs). 

Despite making at least 20 similar ceasefire announcements since December 2018, the Myanmar military forces continue offensive operations against civilians and ethnic armed groups across the county on a daily basis. 

Prior to the ceasefire announcement, the military council cut off internet access and telecommunication lines in more than 20 townships across the country and increases military operations in those areas. 

The Myanmar junta’s forces have also reportedly threatened to uproot all resistances fighters in Chin State. Multiple clashes between the junta’ forces and a combined forces of Chin National Army (CNA) and Chinland Defense Forces (CDF) have reportedly occurred across Chin State. 

Also, on the grounds in Sagaing region, Karenni State and Karen State, the military junta shows no signs of deescalating their attacks, the junta operations instead have gone on an increased offensive against people defense forces and ethnic armed organizations since yesterday. 


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