Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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Military Council orders foreigners to depart three townships in Tanintharyi Region

Yangon (Chindwin): Myanmar military council has instructed foreign citizens to leave three townships, including Dawei, Laung Lone, and Thayet Chaung in Tanintharyi Region. 

Local authority of Tanintharyi Region instructed foreigners, including U.S. citizens, to immediately leave out of Dawei, Laung Lone, and Thayet Chuang townships on 11 October, citing security concerns and inability to guarantee the safety of foreigners, according to the U.S. Embassy’s travel alert. 

The U.S. Embassy Rangoon has advised all U.S. citizens against travel to or through these three townships and urges vigilance throughout Tanintharyi Region. 

According to the Embassy, travel advisory for U.S. citizens to Myanmar is currently at level 4, the highest level issued by the Department’s travel advisory due to the greater likelihood of life-threatening risks. 

The travel instruction comes amid a growing escalation of armed conflict between the military junta’s forces and armed groups in the Tanintharyi Region and across the country.  

The U.S embassy in Yangon has consistently issued statements calling on the military council to refrain from violence against the citizens since the violent crackdown over the peaceful started early in February, and their statements are always translated in the Burmese language in due time.

Read details of travel alert here >>>


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