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Myanmar: 11 civilians, including 5 minors burned alive, 2 burned to ashes after torture

Yangon – Into two months of the Anawrahta operation for the northwest region in Myanmar,  the junta troops raided several villages in north-western region of the country, rounding up civilians, tyding up together and burning them alive in Don Taw village, Salingyi Township, Sagaing. 

The report says that the junta troops stormed in the village after the fighting with the local People Defense Forces had ended, arresting the remaining civilians in the village and killed them all by burning them alive. 

The graphic images of 11 civilians burned alive, shared on social media over what appears to be the latest attempt of the military junta  to suppress the anti-junta resistance forces and civilians, have shocked the world. The villagers, who returned the village, have buried them.

On 05 Dec, Mr Ngun Nei Thang from Chungkhuah village in southern Kalaymyo Township was arrested while working at his farm and killed and burned to ashes along with a residential house in different village known as Umehtoo in the same township. Chin National Defense Force (CNDF) has evacuated the bones and buried in his village.  

On 07 Dec, a 24-year-old Lal Ro Mawi from Tan Phu village in Kalaymyo Township was killed and burned to ashes after he was arrested on 04 December. Mr Mawi’s father asked an appeal on social media on 04 December after his son’s disappearance and learned his son had been arrested, used as human shield for three days before he was killed and burned to ashes on 07 December. 

Chinland Defense Force – Kalay-Kabaw-Gangaw (CDF -KKG) has evacuated the bones and buried Mr Mawi in accordion with Christian tradition, CDF – KKG said.

Soon after the news breaking about the killing of Mr Mawi on 07 Dec, the news of 11 civilians from Don Taw village binding together and burning alive has broken on the internet, shocking the country with millions around the world appalling at the extents of the horrendous acts of the junta.

Graphic image of the 11 bodies burned alive and found by the villagers while the fire remains burning.

The massacre has prompted Human Rights Watch to call today for the international community to add the commanders who gave the order to burn civilians alive in the list to targeted sanctions. 

Also, U.N spokesperson Stephane Dujarric expressed deep concern over the report of the horrific killing of 11 civilian, and strongly condemned such violence. 


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