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Myanmar: A town in the middle of the main riverway for military transport falls to the control of People Defense Force

Yangon – In a blow to Myanmar’s junta despite heavy militarising since the February 01 coup, Civilian’s Defense & Security Organization of Myaung (CDSOM) has announced that the group will conduct inspections at the entrance and exit gates of Myaung Town on December 04.

The announcement comes today following the capture of military’s ships yesterday that are used to transport the supplies for military in the north and northwest regions through ayeyarwaddy and chindwin rivers. 

In its statement, it gives names to the entrances and exits of the town such as the entrance coming from Sagaing is called “Nat Myin gate”, the northern gate as Min Yakhah and Sinyan gate, the southern island as Bo Kyia Thit gate, and the western part of the valley as Chiandweih Min gate respectively. 

And the gate that controls the waterway on chindwin river is designated as Hnalung Hlah gate. 

The military’s ship captured by CDSOM (Civilian’s Defense & Security Organization of Myaung) at the ship port. Photo/CDSOM.

Additionally, the military-related products confiscated in the checkpoints will be kept as public properties and will be divided into people’s defense force and all residents’ expenses.

“Refused the inspection the checkpoints, our gatekeepers will take effective action,” CDSOM said, adding that bribery and collecting protection racket will not be accepted. 

Two military’s vessels, known as BOC and Shwe Ju Phyo were seized at the inspection conducted on December 03. 

Myaung Town is located in the district of the capital, Sagaing city, close to the junction where Chindwin river and Ayeyarwady river are merged, and just a 14-mile distance from Minor Town Sagaing region.

Myaung Town location via Google maps.


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