Myanmar junta issues media statement in relation to the arrest of Vicky Bowman, a former British Ambassador to Myanmar

Former British ambassador Vicky Bowman and her partner Htein Lin. A media statement issued by Myanmar military junta.
25 August 2022

The military junta issued a media statement saying that Vicky Bowman, a former British ambassador to Myanmar and her partner Htein Lin were arrested and detained due to violation of Section 2 (A and B) of Article 11 in relation to foreigner visitor registration and responsibilities while in the country.

The military junta says the Immigration Laws say that all foreigners must notify the closest authority office when moving to other places. However, the junta claimed that Vicky Bowman failed to report the place of her residence as Vicky moved and lived in her partner’s residence in Kalaw town of Shan state, although her initial address was registered at Paing Hlaing housing in Sanchaung township of Yangon city.

Vicky, according to the junta media statement, was granted a visa on 21 October 2021 and allowed to stay until 22 October 2022. Vikki and her partner Htein Lin are accused of failing to oblige the Laws.

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