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Myanmar junta soldiers repeatedly rape a mother of one-month old in front of her husband

Yangon (Chindwin) : A mother of one-month old was repeatedly raped by the junta soldiers in front of her husband in Aklui village, Tedim Township, Chin State on 12 November according to the victim family. 

Aklui village is located on the highway that goes from Kalaymyo to Tedim and the junta forces have been stationed in the village since 30 October. 

On 12 November, three soldiers came to the victim’s family home and had broken bottles and glass that had injured the victim’s husband at his head. Two soldiers took the husband to kitchen and threatened him with gun and his wife aged 27 was raped by the other soldier and three of them took turn to repeatedly rape her. After more than half an hour, the same soldiers came back and two of the soldiers took turn and raped her again for the second time while the third soldiers was outside guarding them. 

When they came the third time and fourth time, they looted a phone, power charger, power bank, cash 18000 and golden earring tube. 

A relative of the rape victim said, “the couple do not speak Burmese and they could not speak up. At home, the husband, rape victim and their one-month newborn baby. That is why they dared to rape her. One soldier gave knife to the victim’s husband and told him to stab him and threaten to beat the victim’s husband if he dared not to stab. The soldier also gave his gun to the victim’s husband to shoot him. It was around 4:00 am in the morning for the fourth time they came back. The next day, one caption brought back what they had looted and gave the medicine to the victim husband for his head injury. He apologised for the things they have stolen. One soldiers out of three admitted that he did it all alone and he was arrested for just a short while and released him back soon. On that day, all the junta troops stationed in the village departed the village.” 

According to Zalen – a local media outlet, the victim’s family 3 children and the oldest is five-year-old. All villagers see the number of soldiers’ badge is 22, which battalion is said to have left for Kalaymyo on foot. 

Chinland Defense Force – Kalay-Kabaw-Kankaw (KKK) is investigating to identify those responsible for the rape and CDF – KKK has moved the family to a safe place. 

Villagers in Taingen, Tedim Township, Chin State are worried for their safety as the junta troops are stationing in the village. 

Source: Chinland Defense Force – Kalay-Kabaw-Kankaw and Zalen.  


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