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Myanmar junta’s forces abandon an outpost in Chin State amid increasing tension with Chinland Defense Force (CDF)

The Myanmar military forces have reportedly abandoned one of the outposts located near Vuangtu village, Thantlang Township, Chin State on 30 September.

“Only eight soldiers stationed in this outpost since early this year, and all the eight soldiers were airlifted by helicopter coming from Hakha this morning at around 10 am,” a local media outlet – The Chin Journal reported. 

“The armies stationed in this outpost had been in fear for months and their commander, again and again, begged the villagers and Chinland Defense Forces (CDF) not to attack them. Now they left behind their rations for villagers,” a local villager reported to The Chindwin. 

Vuangtu’s military outpost has been under heavy pressure following the capture of several military bases in Chin State by local resistance fighters, the Chinland Defense Forces (CDF). 

The outpost was constructed in late 1990 as a counter-insurgent base. The military used heavy forced labor from local villagers for the construction of a road that links the outpost to the main military-based camp in Hakha, the capital city of Chin State. 


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