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Myanmar junta’s targeted looting and shooting against Christian Church continues in Chin State

Yangon – Myanmar’s junta had reportedly fired heavy and small weapons targeting the St. Michael Christian Church and its convent run by Christian Catholic Church in Kanpalet, Chin State on 28 November. 

Father and sisters at the convent of the Catholic Church were forced to flee the town and  hide in the safe area. 

The junta troops looted the convent building of Catholic Church in Kanpalet Town and stole many valuables, including cash worth 50 lakhs (USD4800), medical supplies, bags of rice, computer, and accessories on 29 November. 

During a telephone call, a local pastor who requests not to mention his name says that most Christian Churches in Kanpalet have had experienced at least one twice the shooting of the junta troops, with some Churches having been bombarded by RPG, causing huge damages. 

Nearly the entire properties at Emmanuel Baptish Church in the town has been looted by the junta troops, a member of the Church told Chindwin. 

Our sources at Chin State have verified this report. 


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