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Myanmar LGBT activist Kyaw Kyaw Htwe brutally murdered in Sagaing region

Yangon – A prominent LGBT activist has been found dead after nine days of missing, with the body being already decomposed in between Yaungkye and Kyaukpioh village on 23 November in Ayadaw Township, Sagaing region. 

Mr Kyaw Kyaw Htwe, who hated the unjust and was active in the anti-junta movement, regularly participated in LGBT ‘s protest against the military coup.

His mother is said to be able to quickly identify her youngest son’s body although much of the body has been badly decomposed. 

Kyaw Kyaw Htwe on his social media with the cover “Accept NUG, Reject Military”. Picture taken from his social media.

The family has been survived by their father.

His mother said, according to the ayadaw revolution news – a local news outlet, he went out by his motorcycle in a hurry, bringing his mobile phone, kyats – 200,000 and his necklace.

Yet, all are reportedly gone at a time when his body was discovered. 

“Read more for the nearly 2000 junta soldiers killed here:”

Ayadaw Township People’s Administration Council has issued statement regarding the murder of Mr. Kyaw Kyaw Htwe and will conduct an investigation, vowing that people’s administration council in the township needs matters in their own hands as people can no longer rely on the military council. 

The Township Administration Council acknowledges that there could be crime and injustice during this period of revolution. 

The local people’s administration council urges residents in the township to report crimes, gambling and all other injustices to local people defense force and local People’s administrative council.


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