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Myanmar military burns down several homes in Sagaing region

Yangon (Chindwin): State Administrative Council (SAC) security forces have burned down several homes, including the house of a former village administrator under the National League for Democracy in Thitgingyi village in Ayadaw Township in Sagaing region on 20 October. 

Local media and information centre of Ayadaw Township said that the military junta came down to the village and burned down the house of the former village administrator appointed by the NLD government and his sister house next to his house. They also burned other houses to ground and there are five properties burned down in total. 

Residents fled the homes due to the continued search of the military junta and are still in hiding. 

The military informant known as Shwe Tun called the junta forces as he used to report to the military for those who did not get along with him in the village. The army always came straight as their base is located very close to the village. 

While the military junta forced were burning down the village, they were arresting villagers. One village elder attempted to run, and the soldier opened fire and rearrested him. He was tortured badly and put in their car and carried him away.

The local media centre revealed there are three battalions based in Ayadaw township in Sagaing region of which artillery battalion no. 369 is based close to Thitgingyi village. The junta forces are patrolling the area, and frequent military transport activities are seen in the area.


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