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Myanmar military council arrest 16 civilians in Shwebo, accusing them of being members of PDF

The Myanmar military regime’s troops arrested 16 local civilians in Shwebo Town in Sagaing region, accusing them of being members of the People Defense Forces -Shwebo (PDF-Shwebo) yesterday in Shwebo Town, Sagaing region.

The Polices and plainclothes armed individuals raided residents located in block No. 10 in Shwebo yesterday afternoon and arrested everyone they found in the area, according to the Mizzima.

“They stormed into houses and arrested people. Those arrested are not members of PDF-Shwebo. Many of them are employees of the Myanmar Awba company. They just arrested whomever Dalan (military informants) told them to arrest. These people are not PDF members,” said a Shwebo resident.

“Three Myanmar Awba employees were among those arrested and the rest are local gold miners, and they are innocent,” said another Shwebo resident. “They were held at the police station and tortured. You can see faces bruising photos released by the military council,” he added.

On 14 October, the junta’s troops also raided several houses and villages in Shwebo, Sagaing Region, and arrested a doctor from Seik Khun village.

The arrests come as the PDF-Shwebo launched an attack on the Myoma police station on the morning of 10 October.


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