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Myanmar military junta uses alleged chemical weapon in Kayah State

Yangon – Myanmar military junta’s shelling three rounds of heavy weapons that landed in Dawngan block in the village tract of Deece in Demoso Township, Kayah State, at 9:00 pm on 27 January 202 are allegedly said of prohibited chemical weapons.

Chindwin has learned there is no report of an armed clash occurring between local People Defense Force and the junta army when the junta army shelled the alleged chemical weapons in Demoso Township. 

The timing of firing the weapon toward where civilians are living and the bombs left unexploded appear to be a deliberate act that aims to harm civilians. 

Locals reported to Demoso – People Defense Force (DMO – PDF), and comrades of DMO – PDF went to the scene to clear the bombs. However, it is found that the bomb types are obviously different from normal 60 mm or 120 mm mortar ammunition. 

It is the projectile found filled with the explosive chemical that produces gas smoke and fire. 

Despite the fact that the group is not sure of the capability impact of the fire power,  it is believed that chemical are filled in the projectile and fired targeting the civilians. 

Demonso – People Defense Force who unearthed the bombs have confirmed comrades who inhaled the gas smoke of the bomb suffer from itching on their throats and coughing. 

The local People Defense Force names the fire-witch bomb due to lack of technical expert in this area, citing Myanmar military junta is deliberately using chemical weapons against civilians – a move which is prohibited by the international community.

Chindwin has contacted Demoso – People Defense Force but is unable to reach them. 


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