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Myanmar military junta’s clashes with Chin resistance forces cost big loss

Hakha (Chindwin): Intense skirmish between Myanmar military junta’s forces and a combined force of Chin National Army (CNA) and Chinland Defense Forces (CDF) – Hakha has erupted yesterday across the main highway between Hakha city and Falam Town in Chin State, as a heavy military convoy with more than 20 trucks were heading towards Hakha city. 

In the battle lasting hours, at least 10 Myanmar junta’s forces were killed in a clash with CNA/CDF-Hakha yesterday near Hniar Lawn village, Hakha township, Chin State. 

“At least 10 junta’s soldiers were killed and injured many others,” a spokesperson of CDF-Hakha told the Chindwin. “There is no casualty or injury from the side of CNA/CDF-Hakha forces,” he added. 

The junta forces reportedly burned down a Christian church and six residential properties following the clash with CNA/CDF-Hakha. The entire villagers have left their village in fear of the military junta’s forces and running into the jungle for hiding. 

The clash between military junta’s forces and CNA/CDF-Hakha occurred amid the approaching heavy military reinforcement convoys, including armored vehicles and dozens of military trucks carrying hundreds of ground troops towards Hakha, the capital city of Chin State. 

The reinforcement convoys are currently stationing in Rialti village located on the highway between Falam and Hakha, according to a source close to CDF headquarters. 

The arrival of heavy military reinforcement convoys has sparked fears among residents in Falam and Hakha areas, fearing the massive war breaks out. 


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