Thursday, July 18, 2024
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Myanmar military regime takes advantage of the West’s focus on Ukraine to double up its offensive against civilian resistance forces

Melbourne: While the West is largely focusing on Ukraine – Russia war, Myanmar’s military regime is finding new opportunities to double up pounding local civilian resistance forces, mainly in areas where the junta regime force is being inflicted with heavy losses. 

A few days after Russia started attacking Ukraine, Myanmar’s military junta has quickly jacked up its airstrikes nearly every day in the eastern state – Kayah State targeting key local civilian resistiances known as Karenni Army (KA), Karenni Nationalities Defense Forces (KNDF) and other local People Defense Forces since 04 March 2022. 

In the West, the Myanmar army has cut off mobile internet services mostly in the Sagaing region, except for Kalaymyo, Monywa, Sagaing and Shwebo. Telephone lines have been reported impacted in the services cut-off. 

The junta administration issued a directive to telecommunication operators to suspend its internet service provision in the targeted townships and region, on 04 March 2022. 

Myanmar military junta is attempting to get petroleum from India through the Sagaing border while the internet service is shut down in this northwest region. 

At the same time, the airstrike has been doubled in the south and West of the Sagaing region, pounding several villages in the townships of Chaung – U, Kalaymyo, Pale and Yinmarpin, burning hundreds of residential houses to the ground and killing civilians. 

In the east, short-range missiles have been simultaneously firing against the local Karenni Nationalities Defense Forces in Kayah State, whereas the junta dropped a bomb weighing more than 200 kg in Demoso Township on 06 March, which was unearthed on 15 March by Karenni Army and Karenni Nationalities Defense Force.

The airstrike pounded in the north – Kachin state has caused massive influx of internal displacement across the northern state as there is no sign of abating the conflict. Instead, the junta regime has stepped up sending new reinforcements to where fighting is escalated. 

Across the country, fighting is escalating. Unlike in the past, the junta regime is now boldly deploying its heavy arsenals such as short-range missiles and heavy bombs against the civilians and the civilian resistance forces in Kayah State.


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