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Myanmar regime’s cruelty: A family is informed that her husband is dead but not allowed to pick up his body

Yangon (Chindwin) : Myanmar military council’s army in Hakha, Chin State has informed the family of Rual Cung that he has been dead without giving the family a proper explanation.

Mr Rual Cung was arrested afternoon when he returned home from his farm at Hniarlawn – an outskirt village of Hakha on 12 October. Four of his friends were reportedly arrested as well at the same village. 

Locals said that the junta troops came to the village after a clash with Chinland Defense Force – Hakha near the village and arrested them including Mr. Rual. 

Chindwin has learned that Mr Rual along with his four friends were sent to interrogation camp. 

The family had made many attempts to get the information about his whereabouts, but no information about him was available since his arrest and after his friends were transferred to jail from interrogation camp in Hakha city, Chin State. 

After 27 days of Myanmar army’s incarceration, the family was informed by the telephone on 08 November that Mr. Rual Cung has been dead. Yet, the body is not given to the family. 

He is known to have survived by his wife and three children. 


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