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Myanmar: The military junta handed Mr Wai Moe Naing to a 10-year jail term and yet to face other bigger charges

(Chindwin): Mr Wai Moe Naing, leader of an anti-junta movement Monywa Strike Committee, is reportedly charged and sentenced to a 10-year jail term by the military court in Monywa prison today. 

The Monywa Strike Committee leader was arrested on 15 April 2021 while walking a protest in the middle of the town after his motorcycle was rammed by the junta security car. 

Military source says Mr Wai Moe Naing is charged under Section 505 for five cases with two years each sentence. 

The victim is set to face other big cases – which are rumoured to be related to murder and robbery in order for him to be kept in the dark for longer term or make a path for his execution. 

On Mr Wai Moe Naing’s verdict, the military junta openly made cases and charges against any citizens who are determined to fight against the junta regime, showing that all charges are politically motivated.


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