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Myanmar: the rampant junta forces kill two civilians and burned nearly the entire village in Mingin Township

Yangon – Two civilians, who own a restaurant in the northwestern village of Myanmar, are killed, and their bodies are burned to ashes along with their house at around 11:00 am today 14 December in Konyin, Mingin Township, Sagaing region. 

Local, who Chindwin contacts and has requested his name be not mentioned, reveals that around 80 military personnel opened fire both heavy and small weapons as they were approaching the village. The junta forces have come with eight trucks, including a small car and believed that military-sponsored Pyo Saw Hti thugs are involved in the operation. 

Soon after the junta forces entering into the village, large smoke billows from village – burning residential properties – one after another. The local who contacts Chindwin says, “the junta forces kill a couple believed to be a restaurant vs cafe owners, are killed and their bodies burned in the fire along with their house,”.

Even the full length of destruction are not measured, the local believes that the properties burned alone and its properties looted are worth more than $50,000 in exchange for current market value.

All villagers have no choice but left the village in fear of their lives, but the restaurant vs café owner couple remain in the village. 

After setting many houses alight in the village and the junta forces leaving the village, some of the villagers just returned to the village just to check on. The villagers who returned to the village have found only some pieces of the couple’s bodies. 

During a telephone interview, the local man confirms that everyone has to leave the village in fear of the junta forces’ attack. 

As part of the Anawrahtah Operation using the Burmese famous king name, Myanmar’s junta has prepared a full onslaught against local People Defense Forces as well as local grassroots rebellions. 

Sagaing region has been the hardest hit region in the current crisis, with the heavy toll of civilian lives and more than 40,000 internally displaced. Yet, it is the region where the military regime is heavily inflicted upon, and thousands of the junta army have lost in clashes with local People Defense Forces.


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