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Myanmar’s Civil War: Nearly 2,000 junta soldiers were killed in a month

  • Thousands have been reported killed in clashes across the country 
  • Myanmar’s junta face unconventional war, and this time is hardest hit by the Bamar ethnic group, not the ethnic armed organizations. 
  • War is expected to intensify in the coming weeks as the rainy season comes to an end. 

Yangon – War has been raging for months, pushing hundreds of thousands of people in seeking shelters in the jungles under harsh weather and conditions, while thousands crossed the border to seek international protection under United Nations’ refugee agency. 

The armed conflict began in June after people took arms to defend themselves following the brutal crackdown upon peaceful protesters started in February. 

Fighting had been reported erupted first in Karen State between the military junta and Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) and Chinland Defense Force – Mindat prior to the defensive war announced by the shadow National Unity Government (NUG) on 07 September. 

Fighting has been increasingly raging in Chin State, Kayah State and Karen State before an all-out war broke in the mainland, especially in Magway and Sagaing regions. 

After incurring heavy casualty at the northwest that covers Chin State, Magway and Sagaing regions, Myanmar’s junta codenamed the secret military operation as Anawrahta, which was leaked to media in the middle of October. 

Later, the junta has split the regions into two, adding another King name as Alawngmintayar for Sagaing region operation – a code named after Anawrahta operation. 

Despite heavy weapons and airstrikes, the Myanmar military regime has experienced the curse of people by losing nearly two thousand soldiers, including many mid-level ranked officers, within a month. 

Chindwin has made a daily compile of the armed conflict and subsequently its casualty report. 

Our report details a record number of 1750 soldiers were killed across the country in November. Although there are casualties on the side of civilian defense forces in various locations and regions, the number is too little to compare with that of Myanmar’s military regime. 

The casualty number is 1750 and the number is divided into percentage in the chart. At the right corner is names of state and region and the middle is the percentage divided according the record of number reported.

Out of 1750 fatalities, 52% had happened in the Sagaing region, followed by Karen State with 14%, and Magway stands at third with 12%. 

In Shan State, all dead are only attributed to MNDAA (Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army) as MNDAA is the only armed group engaged with Myanmar’s junta in Shan state, despite the fact that the red state is known to have the highest number of armed organizations in Myanmar. 

The war vs conflict in Myanmar is believed to be more intensified in coming weeks and months as destruction and harm caused by the junta’s army across the country have helped the people more determined to fight back. 

Into 11 months of the military coup, there is no sign of abating the war. Yet, all signs indicate that it is likely impossible for both sides of the parties – the main People Defense Force led by National Unity Government and the military regime come together at the table for talk or negotiation. 

In social media, people say there is only one choice this time – “win or lose”.  


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